A warm ac4designs welcome to 2021

I think it is fair to say that most of us will be glad when 2021 arrives. I want to send a warm ac4designs welcome to one and all. The continuing COVID pandemic continues to provide a rather bleak outlook as I currently write this. We can only be hopeful that the next twelve months allow a return to all those things we have missed.

Wish upon a…

I will be ‘wishing upon a star’ that cricket will return and that I will be able to enjoy playing and coaching soon. Despite 2020 being the strangest period I have lived through. A year that has been challenging and difficult for so many, not everything about our experience should be seen negatively. I recognise that for many, this year has been very hard, and may continue to be so heading into 2021. There has been however much to learn about ourselves and perhaps what really matters. My hope is that as we don’t simply return to the mad and sometimes unhealthy world that existed before COVID. That we refresh the things we have missed and are good. But fight hard not to mindlessly slip back into the bad old habits of work and behaviour that were never that great in the first place.

ac4designs was able to continue to provide freelance services throughout 2021. I am pleased to have helped loyal existing clients and to connect (albeit virtually) with some new business and organisations. As always my aim has been to provide clear, honest, no fuss help and advice.

As we head into 2021 I send a warm ac4designs welcome and best wishes to all my friends at www.ltp-online.co.uk, alfindly.com, Esplanade Publishing, e-mota, pride hair, and most of all to my family for continuing to be my inspiration.

If 2021 is a year that you want to make ‘happen’ then please get in touch via my contact page, or visit my Google Business Page for my opening times and just give me a call.

Here’s to all our wishes coming true in 2021!