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This section of my site will feature news about ac4designs.

I am pleased to announce for my first update that the new ac4designs (garden) office will be complete and functional by January 2012. This will mark the start of an exciting year of development for ac4designs.

2012 will see continued work with Somerset based company LTP following another successful year supporting the development of this dynamic business. With a major launch into markets in China imminent, it would seem that additional language skills will need to be a New Years resolution.

In addition 2011 will see recent work with LTP on their Social Media and online marketing strategy enter phases 2. Phase 1 covered review and understanding workshops to better position LTP to begin the process of defining their approach. January will bring strategy discussions and implementation planning in order to ensure that all activity is valid and effective.

Finally good luck to Five Valley Cordials  who have been nominated in the category ‘your top non-alcoholic drink in the Good Housekeeping magazine for 2011.