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Antony Cox -- Digital Delivery ExpertHi, I am Antony Cox the man behind ac4designs, graphic design and digital delivery expert with over 25 years experience. I am 48 years old and married, a father of two girls, and a lover of sport. Since 2010, I am also lucky to be a convert to the beauty of East Devon. My career includes work for small design and marketing agencies, in-house for large public bodies, and as a freelancer. I now support local, national, and international clients from my home base of Newton Poppleford, close to Sidmouth and Exeter.

My experience means that I have tackled a wide variety of projects and worked on all aspects of the design and marketing process with colleagues and clients at all levels.

Graphic Design and Digital Delivery Skills Overview

I have extensive software and production process knowledge for print and digital delivery. My skills include:

  • An advanced Adobe Creative Suite user.
  • Fifteen plus years of experience of Adobe InDesign.
  • Twenty-plus years of experience of Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Comfortable producing design and business solutions for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
  • Working knowledge of coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and XML.
  • An expert in template construction, photo retouching and image manipulation.

Technical and production skills have been developed from a design-focused perspective.

Technical Skills: Graphic Design and Digital Delivery

Adobe InDesign CC

As an advanced user of Adobe InDesign CC, I can deliver complex template construction for publishing and business communications, including dynamic use of XML driven outputs. I can also offer support and assistance for those using Adobe InDesign to produce print and digital materials.

Adobe Photoshop CC — Digital Delivery, Retouching, and image manipulation

With twenty-five years of experience in image preparation for print and digital delivery, Photoshop is a trusted friend. So with extensive experience in preparing and manipulating images for creative briefs, there are few challenges that fall outside my skills and abilities.

Adobe Acrobat X

An expert in PDF creation for the print and the web I can assist you in making the most of the PDF delivery platform. Help can be given in all aspects of PDF use. From adjusting and optimising existing PDF files to help in the creation of a PDF strategy for your business, to ensure they are fit for purpose. I have gained specialist skills in PDF tagging for flexible content delivery and accessibility to W3C industry standards.

Art direction

I also have skills in Art Direction and Photography. Creating visual concepts for photography, planning and managing studio photography of products, still life, and people.


I can provide design support to small companies looking to create simple but effective websites to support the business. This work is often completed working in partnership with the hosting support business www.alfindlay.co.uk

Why not take a look at my work to see how I might help you or get in touch via my contact page!